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Gardens-by-Design: A wonderful name for a Garden Gnome to trade under, but it sounds good any way. This site is a bit of a rag bag of various things, but many are related to Brantwood (Home of John Ruskin 1872-1900) because (a) I spend a lot of time there and (b) many of the things that I do are related to woodland crafts. Also there are links to some of my more obscure ramblings and interests, for any Alan Moore fans out there there is a link to some pages I am putting together of his early work. "Hey he's just some guy I used to know".

I have tried to keep the pages as simple as possible to allow access from all browsers and to keep file sizes small, some images are larger than I would like, but to get an acceptable resolution I had to compromise ( that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

To people who do not know me and wonder where the *Gnome* reference comes from: What would you call a small bearded indivual, with a propensity for wearing silly hats and is usually found lurking in a garden somewhere? If you are having difficulty with this site ie. slow downloads, please try a mirror site at http://www.gbd.freeuk.com/ or http://www.gbd.org.uk/ or http://www.g-by-design.freeserve.co.uk/


Current projects:

Yes there is certainly never enough time to do everything that I would like to do, in fact there is not enough time to do all the things I have to do. There are several projects *ongoing* I have Trellises to make using oak lattice work, a woven panel fence (also in oak), hurdles, 19th century walkingstick stand!, four double Windsor style seats (mostly in oak) and a riven fence to make (bet you can't guess the wood!). I do work with other materials but at the moment it does seem that oak is the flavour of the day.

Pole Lathe

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